11-Year Old Boy Says Hawking was Wrong, “God Does Exist”

Since the Dawn of Man, humans have been searching for the existence of a higher being. This of course led to the birth of many organised religions and cults, and ancient beliefs that we read about in history books that are still practiced in remote parts of the world today. But as humanity saw a leap in technology in the past century, where smartphones are now packed with enough processing power to take care of our most rigorous urban chores, it can be argued that more people are opting out from Team God and moving over to Team Science.

Hence the numerous debates that fill the internet, from civil discussions to enraging one-sided arguments, all to prove whether God is real or an imaginary friend, or if the answer is in scientific equations instead of scripture.

Back in 2017, a boy-genius from Pennsylvania took on the debate of ages, trying to prove that Stephen Hawking was wrong. Yeah, the guy who contributed to the fields of cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity. He’s the Black Hole guy.

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